IAC Country Ambassadors

What is the IAC Country Ambassadors Programme?

In 2017 the IAC Executive Council (IAC EC) approved the establishment of a global network of IAC Country Ambassadors to represent and promote the Association. An IAC Country Ambassador is an IAC Member who represents IAC at country level and serves as a direct link to counselling in that country. There may be more than one Ambassador in any one country. This network helps deliver IAC’s strategic and humanitarian aims for the development of counselling and the global promotion of the profession. It helps IAC to both broaden and deepen our connection to countries and regional networks. 

The Role and Duties of an IAC Ambassador 

The role of an IAC Ambassador is to increase awareness of IAC and its work, to promote membership, to act as a mentor to new and prospective members, and to help meet IAC's developmental aims for the profession worldwide. The IAC Ambassador will have an excellent understanding of IAC and its role within the global counselling community. The IAC Ambassador exerts influence in the country to promote IAC’s work and ideals. IAC Ambassadors serve as official representatives of IAC in an enhanced volunteer capacity for a three-year term (with the potential to renew).

What is the Benefit to Country Ambassadors?

  • Prestige and recognition of position and status.
  • Networking and experiential opportunities.
  • Acknowledgement and listing on the IAC website.
  • May use the title “IAC Ambassador” on their communications.  

 Specific Duties: (requiring between 1 and 1.5 hours per week approx.)

  • Be knowledgable of, and a source of information regarding IAC’s work, committees and sections, annual conferences, and publications, in your locality/country.
  • Network in local or national communities, or at events, to identify prospective IAC members; to supply information about IAC; and to actively encourage membership.
  • Recruit new IAC members.
  • Identify issues, activity and trends within the local or national counselling communities and make useful suggestions to the IAC EC on how to improve the work of IAC based on these trends and issues.
  • Identify people of influence in local or national counselling communities to become IAC members or Ambassadors for IAC.
  • Represent IAC actively and positively.
  • Where possible and/or relevant, engage with official state organisations, government departments, and relevant sectors to attract constructive partnerships with IAC.
  • Liaise with and update IAC regional representatives.
  • Submit a brief annual report to the IAC EC and maintain regular communication with the ambassadors programme coordinators.

Eligibility Criteria to qualify as an IAC Ambassador (all criteria must be met)

  • Maintain current and paid-up IAC membership.
  • Complete, sign, and submit the application form (below) and your short (two-page Resume).
  • Have a passion for the IAC mission, IAC's humaitarian and social justice aims, and a strong desire to make a positive impact.
  • Describe ways you have already contributed towards IAC's mission.
  • Be willing to carry out all duties as stated (under specific duties).
  • Participate in an orientation session with a senior IAC member as advised by the IAC EC.

How to Apply

  • Download and complete the application form (below) (an MS Word version is also available) by emailing Laurie Persch (lauriepersh@gmail.com) or Jane Webber (jwebber@kean.edu)
  • Applications should clearly outline how the applicant intends to promote IAC in their country and include creative ways to expand IAC’s membership. A short (2 page) Resume should be attached to the email application.
  • Return the completed form and resume, by email, to: Laurie Persch: lauriepersh@gmail.com and Jane Webber: jwebber@kean.edu
  • Both the Nominator and the Nominee (the applicant) must be IAC members.
  • After the application has been received, the IAC will review the application and will notify the applicant of the outcome of its decision no later than 6 weeks after the application is received.
  • Applications can be sent at any time and will be considered by the IAC EC on an ongoing basis.

IAC Country Ambassador Application Form

We look forward to hearing from those interested in becoming IAC Country Ambassadors.

Thank You