IAC Student/Retired Member


 IAC Student/Retired Membership: €65.00 (EUR) per year. IAC Student/Retired Membership includes access to all member benefits at a reduced rate. It is a category available to retired counsellors and all students of counselling, psychotherapy, counselling psychology, guidance, school counselling and kindred professions. See full benefits of membership below:

  1. Up-to-date information on International Counselling Developments
  2. IAC Journal: International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling (Quarterly) -- and access to all back-issues since 1978.
  3. IAC Certificate of Membership (Click to see sample)
  4. IAC Member Logo
  5. Significant conference and events discounts
  6. Service opportunities in volunteering roles
  7. Opportunity to contribute to global counselling research (e.g. the World Mapping of the Counselling Profession) and projects
  8. Four Newsletters per year (International news, counselling articles, employment, training, events, exchange etc.)
  9. Advocacy support for your country's counselling aims (e.g. support in seeking better recognition for counselling)
  10. Contribute and participate from anywhere in the world.
  11. Contribute to decisions of strategic importance to the counselling profession (through feedback, meetings and surveys)
  12. Support the IAC vision of "A world where counselling is available to all"
  13. Fast, user-friendly and low-cost application
  14. Enhance your skills, knowledge and international opportunities.
  15. Communicates your values
  16. Contacts & Network: Connect and share experiences with a worldwide professional network of counsellors and leaders of the profession.
  17. Multiple Continuing Education opportunities including one Free Webinars each year. 


  • IAC Journal - Thousands of Counselling Articles
  • Webinar and Newsletters
  • Certificate of Membership
  • Contacts & Network
  • Professional Information opportunities
Yearly Fee: