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Comparison of Counselling and CBT

Comparison Study: Counselling and CBT. The BACP (UK) and the University of Sheffield have pubished a large sacle (33,000 clients) study comparing the effectiveness of counselling and CBT. See HERE...
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Counselling in New Zealand

Counselling in New Zealand: At the 2017 IAC/AAC conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sue Webb, (Counselling Consultant and IAC Council Member), delivered a wonderful keynote presentation about her personal experience of being a Counsellor in New Zealand. ...
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IAC/AAC 2017 Conference Report

IAC/AAC 2017 Conference Report Including detailed reports and recommendations to UNESCO, from each of the seven conference working groups. Click HERE...
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Counselling In Malawi

At the 2017 IAC/AAC conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dominic Nsona, (President of the Malawi Association of Counsellors), delivered an excellent keynote presentation entitled: Counselling in the African Context - Experiences from Malawi. Please view...
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