IAC World Regions and Branches

IAC has a regional structure that provides inclusivity and representation at a regional level. It is organized as follows:

IAC members (in all categories) are invited to participate in regional activity. IAC's regionalized structure is comprised (alphabetically) of:

  • IAC Africa
  • IAC Asia-Pacific
  • IAC-Carribean (map to be updated)
  • IAC Europe
  • IAC Latin America
  • IAC Middle East and Central Asia
  • IAC North America
  • IAC-Oceania

The IAC Executive Council may from time-to-time add to, remove from, or change, the configuration of regions depending on member proposals and geo-political changes. IAC Regional Branches are subject to the IAC Regional Regulations

The purpose of the IAC Regional Branches is to progress IAC’s strategic regional aims, namely:

a. Advocacy for the Legal Recognition of Counselling

b. Advocacy for the Counselling Profession with Regional Organsizationa and regional departments of United Nations Bodies

c. Agreeing on Region-Wide Counselling Standards

d. Supporting National Associations

e. Assisting in the development of counselling in countries

f. Region-specific Education, Research and Practice Programmes

Proposals for the establishment of regional branches are received and approved by the Executive Council. Please see the ‘IAC Guide to Establishing an IAC Regional Branch' -- CLICK HERE

IAC Executive Council Regional Representatives:

IAC-Africa: Mr. Dominic Nsona 

IAC Asia-Pacific: Dr. Anasuya Jegathevi Jegathesan

IAC Caribbean: Ms. Anna Maria Mora

IAC-EuropeMs. Suzanne Mohnani             IAC-Europe:Update HERE

IAC-Latin America: MsDesiree Carlson

IAC-Middle East and Central Asia: Vacant

IAC-North America: Dr. Matt Lyons

IAC-Oceania: Vacant


Other Contacts:

  • Chairperson of the World Regions Committee (In Development/Formation): Dr. Dione Mifsud
  • Chairperson of the Internations Associtaions' Rountable: Dr. Bill Borgen 
  • IAC Association Membership Contact and Roundtable Coordinator: Vanessa Lim