IAC Certification of Counsellor Educuation Programmes

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      Value of IAC Certification 

  • Demonstrates Commitment to the International Dimension of Counselling Education
  • Marketability -  Of Interest and Appeal to International and Internationally-minded Students
  • Communicates Your Values to Students, Faculty, Partners and Stakeholders
  • Elevates and Distinguishes your Programme from Others
  • Highlights Quality of International Programme
  • Value of Prestigious Partnership with IAC
  • Low-Cost and User-Friendly Online Application

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What is IAC Certification?   

      Certification is awarded to education programmes/courses, of IAC Education Institute members, in recognition of a validated commitment to raising counselling standards through: international learning and exchange, the promotion of cross-cultural awareness in counselling and respect for diversity.

      In many cases, counselling/psychotherapy/psychology educators and leaders want to outwardly showcase their institution’s commitment to the international dimension of counselling. Many also wish to raise the appeal of their education programmes to potential students - including the burgeoning international student market. In addition, recognition by a prestigious international counselling body, assists in bringing deserved, additional, credibility to high quality programmes. For IAC, raising the standard and quality of education programmes worldwide, through awarding our certification, directly aligns with our central aim of advancing counselling worldwide. IAC Certification brings with it multiple benefits that go far beyond the enhanced status of successful certification. These include the creation of multiple opportunities for international collaborative research, networking, and exchange.                 

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      Terms and Conditions

      For all enquiries relating to IAC Certification, please contact: ceo@iac-irtac.org                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


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