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Interested in Organising an IAC Event? (Link to Full Details)

IAC welcomes proposals from a wide range of organisations (e.g. Counselling Associations, Institutes, Universities, and Groups) looking to organise an IAC Event. There are three types of IAC event:

  • IAC Annual International Conference: Large, annual event, minimum of 400 participants, lasting 2-4 days. 
  • Regional Conferences: May also be large (200+ participants) events, but mainly focus on counselling issues in the specific world region. IAC has eight world regions: Africa; Asia; North America; Latin America; Middle-East; Europe; Caribbean; and Oceania.
  • Country Events: Workshops, Symposia, One-day conferences. These vary in participant numbers, and are normally one-day events. Whilst organised ‘Under the auspices of’, or ‘In Conjunction With’ IAC, some country events may have less direct input by IAC.

Why Organise an International Counselling Event? There are multiple educational, cultural, economic, and social benefits of hosting such events. IAC International conferences and regional events bring together scholars and practitioners from around the world interested in a specific theme related to counselling. Hosting an IAC event can bring your organisation an expanded network of both global and regional counsellors, and creates a major opportunity to place a spotlight on specific regional, or thematic, issues related to counselling. Events such as these advance the development of counselling through education, research, information-sharing (and fun!).

Hosting such events also raises the profile of your organisation, and counselling activity in your country. This is of interest to all those concerned about counselling’s development including practitioner’s, educators, and government departments (e.g. of health, education, and social affairs), as well as many other stakeholders. International events create enthusiasm and excitement from association’s members, students and partners. However, it must be understood that it can be a significant undertaking and should be considered carefully before deciding to host. IAC will help guide you through the consideration process.

How to go about it: 

First Step: Send in an ‘Expression of InterestThe first step an HCO takes is to compile and email an expression of Interest (EOI), to IAC (email This step is completed for all types of proposed events (large or small). An EOI is a short document accompanied by an initial budget that indicates a serious interest in hosting an IAC event. It contains details that IAC need to determine if the offer to run an IAC event can be explored further.

Second Step: Expressions of Interest that are deemed suitable will be moved forward, and greater organisational and budget detail will be discussed and agreed. Following that a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (similar to a contract), will be completed in order to finalise the agreement between the HOC and IAC. 

Finally, there are several flexible ways in which IAC can be connected to events, so please enquire (email if you have a proposed event you would like to discuss.  

Thank You