Associations' Round-Table

Welcome to the Associations' Round-Table Page

The Associations' RoundTable (formerly known as the Presidents' Round-Table) provides opportunities for the leaders of Member Associations to meet during IAC conferences to discuss and advance counselling matters worldwide. The next Associations' Round-Table meeting will take place in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, on Monday the 13th of May 2019 as part of the IAC International Counselling Conference, (13-16 May, 2019). We particularily welcome participation by new Associations (National, Regional and Local).

Click here for the minutes of the first Presidents' Forum Meeting - Vancouver in 2014. 

Click here for the minutes of the second Presidents' Forum Meeting - Verona in 2015. 

Click here for the minutes of the third Presidents' Forum Meeting - Malta in 2016. 

Click here for the minutes of the fourth Associations' Round Table meeting - Buenos Aires 2017.

Click here for the minutes of the fifth Associations' Round Table meeting - Rome 2018. 

**NEW** Click here for the 2019 Moncton Associations' Roundtable Agenda

Roundtable Chairperson: IAC President Dr Dione Mifsud -

Recording Secretary: Dr Ruth Falzon