Associations' Round-Table

Welcome to the Associations' Round-Table Page

The Associations' RoundTable (formerly known as the Presidents' Round-Table) provides opportunities for the leaders of Member Associations to meet during IAC conferences to discuss and advance counselling matters worldwide. The most recent Associations' Round-Table meeting took place in Buenos Aires on Thursday the 20th of April 2017.

The next meeting takes place on Friday the 21st of September as part of the IAC International Counselling Conference, (22-23 Sept, 2018), in Rome, Italy. We would be delighted to see you there and to receive input from your Association. At the meeting we look forward to updating you on IAC activities, hearing updates from your country, and to discussing how best we can partner and assist in the development of counselling in your Country and Region. We particularily welcome participation by new Associations (National, Regional and Local).

Click here for the minutes of the first Presidents' Forum Meeting - Vancouver in 2014. 

Click here for the minutes of the second Presidents' Forum Meeting - Verona in 2015. 

Click here for the minutes of the third Presidents' Forum Meeting - Malta in 2016. 

Click here for the minutes of the fourth Associations' Round Table meeting - Buenos Aires 2017 

Roundtable Chairperson: IAC President Dr Dione Mifsud -

Recording Secretary: Dr Ruth Falzon