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The International Association for Counselling (IAC) is an International Non-Governmental Association (NGO) with United Nations consultative status. Since 1966, we have worked to advance the development of counselling through practice, education, research, and advocacy initiatives. IAC advances the development of counselling in order to improve people’s lives and well-being.

Our Vision: A world where counselling is available to all.

Counselling changes lives for the better and reduces suffering. IAC’s humanitarian movement advocates for more access to counselling worldwide. IAC lobbies and influences governments and international organisations to have counselling better recognised as a profession. In some countries there is no counselling at all. IAC helps to establish counselling structures, (e.g. National Associations or Education Programmes) in those countries. Technology is moving the global circle of counsellors ever closer. IAC embraces the modernisation of our profession and proudly serves at the forefront of connecting counsellors worldwideIAC is working to advance the counselling profession worldwide and we invite you to join us in our mission.

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