Welcome from Our President

      Welcome to the IAC Website

Thank you for visiting the IAC website. IAC is an international non-governmental association with charitable status. IAC advances the development of counselling, in order to improve people’s lives and well-being. We connect counsellors worldwide so that they can share information and participate in international Practice, Education, Advocacy, Policy and Research counselling projects. IAC was established in 1966 and has consultative status with United Nations organisations including UNESCO, the World Health Organisation and the International Labour Organisation.

Our Vision:               A world where counselling is available to all.

A warm Welcome from the IAC President 

Dione Misfud

Dear colleagues,

This is a very special year for IAC as during 2016 it celebrates 50 years of continuous work in favour of counsellors and counselling worldwide. Such a significant anniversary can serve for multiple things but two come immediately to mind. 2016 will be a year to remember IAC’s many achievements in the different fields that pertain to counselling. But 2016 will also serve IAC to prepare itself to face its next 50 years of work. When Hans Hoxter founded IAC in 1966 counselling as we know it today was still in its infancy and the world was just getting out of the throes of the Second World War. Today we face completely new situations with many different and ongoing regional conflicts, the spectre of international terrorism and vast diasporas that are reshaping world order.

IAC’s 50th anniversary conference took place on my island home of Malta. Before every conference I normally write a piece celebrating the venue where the conference will take place. It was thus quite strange, but also quite enticing to write about my country. Malta is a small island state in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the world’s iconic places because it has been considered to be a sacred island since the dawn of civilization. Many will be surprised that Malta boasts 27 prehistoric temples that pre-date the pyramids and Stonehenge by several millennia. One of them, the Hypogeum, is an intact underground temple that contains what is thought to have been the ‘Chamber of the Oracle.’ Putting it simply it may be the oldest surviving ‘counselling room’ in the world. Malta also contains 60 kilometres of fortifications, and spectacular remains going back to the time of the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Swabians, Anjevins, Aragonese  and Knights of St John. Apart from this, Malta’s favourable climate makes it a very popular holiday destination. 

Malta is now one of the places where counselling is legally recognized and regulated as a profession. The execllent conference was a combined effort by the Malta Association of the Counselling Profession (MACP), the Department of Counselling of the University of Malta and the IAC.

It is indeed a privilege for me to serve as IAC President and I look forward to your involvement with IAC.

Dione Mifsud
President of IAC