Indigenous Roundtable

I. Purpose

The purpose of the IAC Indigenous Roundtable is to:

  • establish a community of counsellors who are interested in clinical practice and research relevant to Indigenous people;
  • to acknowledge the historical and political issues that impact Indigenous mental health;
  • share the practices of Indigenous people to promote holistic health and healing; and
  • advocate for culturally appropriate counselling and research for Indigenous people internationally.

Roundtable Activities

To support: Provide ongoing support and recommendations to the IAC Executive in developing a plan of action for the enhancement of Indigenous counselling internationally.

To network: Establish and develop relationships with Indigenous practitioners, associations and communities internationally. Create a network of mutual support among practitioners and researchers who have an interest in Indigenous counselling.

To advocate: acknowledge the significance of Indigenous perspectives on counselling in theory, research, and practice.

To promote: Recognize how Indigenous Ways of Knowing is naturally relevant to the teachings of all earth-based people and has the potential to transform the profession of counselling by orienting individuals to their surrounding environments and their perceived or intended impact on that environment.

To educate: Distinguish between Western and Indigenous perspectives of mental health and illness.

Important Documents: