About Us

Welcome to the IAC Website

IAC is an International NGO with UN consultative status. Since 1966 we have worked to advance the development of counselling through practice, education, research, and advocacy initiatives. Get involved! - by joining us today as an individual Counsellor, or Organisation

Our Vision: A world where counselling is available to all.

Our Mission: To serve as an international leader and catalyst for counsellors and counselling associations by advancing culturally relevant counselling practice, research and policy to promote well being, respect, social justice and peace worldwide.

Our Core Values:

Respect: For the dignity, value and human rights of individuals and communities.
Integrity: Honesty, accountability and ethical behaviour.
Excellence: Demonstrated by the quality and professionalism of IAC’s work.
Service: To our membership and wider society.
Commitment: To benefit humanity and improve people’s lives.
Collaboration: An inclusive culture that values diverse perspectives, the power of common vision, and equality among peers.