Becoming a Member of IAC assists the Development of Counselling Internationally (more Here) and we offer both Individual (Professional, Student, General) and Group (Association - 2 Types, Eductation Institute and Counselling Service) membership.

See who has recently joined: Click Here     Please Note: IAC membership, in any category, indicates that the Organsiation/Person supports the development of counselling internationally. IAC does not verify practice qualifications and, in all cases, relies on the local/national/regional structures to do so. Please see regulations on use of the IAC Logo HERE  Thank You

Association Membership: Please note that there are two types of Association Membership: 

1) A premium category that confers direct benefits to the Association's members. The information on this category can be READ HERE. The Application Form can be Downloaded HERE 

2) The Association Membership listed below - also conferring multiple benefits  

 If you have any queries realting to membership please

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IAC Professional Member


  • IAC Journal - Thousands of Counselling Articles
  • Worldwide Contacts, Network & News
  • Certificate of Membership
  • Events including one Free Webinar per Year
  • Practice, Research, Education and Information

Association / Organisation Membership


  • Worldwide Contacts & Network
  • Benefit Your Members with Global Counselling Practice, Education and Policy Updates
  • Certificate of Membership
  • IAC Journal - Thousands of Counselling Articles
  • IAC Recogition and Use of Designation/Title

Counselling Service Membership


  • Open to Group Practices, University/College Services, Helplines..
  • Certificate of Membership
  • Includes one Free Professional Membership
  • IAC Journal - Thousands of Counselling Articles
  • Worldwide Contacts & Network

IAC Student/Retired Member

$75 -year

  • IAC Journal - Thousands of Counselling Articles
  • Webinar and Newsletters
  • Certificate of Membership
  • Contacts & Network
  • Professional Information opportunities

IAC General Member


  • E-Newsletters
  • Global Contacts & Network
  • 1 Free Webinar per year.
  • IAC General Member Logo
  • Low Cost (Membership Cert / Journal / Conference Discounts not Included)

Education Institute Membership


  • IAC Journal - Thousands of Counselling Articles
  • Certificate of Membership
  • Worldwide Counsellor Education Network and Contacts
  • Listing of Your Education Institute
  • Roundtable Participation and Counsellor Educator Information