Certificate Terms and Conditions

Declaration and Terms + Conditions


By submitting this application, I verify that the information supplied is complete and, to the best of my knowledge, factual and true. I understand that failure to provide the required documentation may lead to delays in the processing of this application. I further understand that if any information is false or that I have misrepresented my programme, I will be denied certification. I understand that any false or misleading statement, misrepresentation, concealment, or material omission of the information I have provided, or failed to provide on my application and attachments may be grounds for rejection of my application, or if already certified, may lead to suspension, withdrawal or cancellation of my programme’s certification. While holding IAC certification, I agree to notify IAC, in writing, of any material changes to the programme content or status, within 30 days of the change. I understand that changes to material staus may impact IAC certification status, and I agree to the Terms and Conditions below. 

Terms and Conditions:

IAC accepts no liability for any loss or damage howsoever arising as a result of use or reliance on this information, in relation to programme selection. All complaints relating to programme content and dealings with Education Institute staff are strictly a contractual matter between the Student and Education Institute. In addition:

  •      IAC Certification is not a form of authentication (verification, credentialing, accreditation or validation) relating to academic or practice standards.
  •      IAC certification is issued for scopes of activity, which are specified on the certificate. When advertising, or informing of, IAC certification the extent of IAC certification must not be misrepresented and to do so will be        considered as grounds for withdrawal or removal of certification by IAC.
  •      Should IAC status be suspended, withdrawn, or cancelled, the education institute agrees to discontinue any promotion or advertising containing any reference to IAC certified status.
  •      IAC certification shall be cancelled if the Education Institute advises IAC, in writing, that they do not wish to renew the Certificate, or if the Education Institute has ceased operations or trading. 
  •      IAC Certification, indicates that the Institution supports the development of counselling internationally. IAC does not verify academic and practice standards and, in all cases, relies on the local/national/regional s              structures to do so.   

Use of the IAC Certificate: Can only be made by Institutions whose membership and certification is current and paid-up.  Reference to the IAC Certificate and name and logo must be removed from all electronic materials (e.g. websites and online brochures) as soon as certification expires. It is wholly unacceptable to continue to use the IAC certificate once it has expired.

Appropriate Use: When an individual or group wishes to communicate its IAC certification, special care must be taken to avoid misrepresentation of the certification. Where text accompanies the certificate display, the extent and nature of the certification should be communicated accurately by using phrases such as the following:

  • IAC Certification is awarded in recognition of a validated commitment to raising counselling standards through: international learning and exchange, respect for diversity, and the promotion of cross-cultural awareness.
  • IAC Certification demonstrates our commitment to the profession.
  • IAC Certification supports the development of counselling internationally.
  • IAC certification demonstrates our commitment to the profession.
  • IAC membership is not recognition of academic standards (e.g. these are shown separately)

Advertising More than One Certification: Universities and Institutions often operate in more than one country or geographical location. The communication of IAC certification must specify the exact singular (or more - if certified) education programme, in the exact country or region that is covered under the certification. No misrepresentation—for example, by giving the impression that all education programmes in one Institute are covered by one IAC Certificate—will be accepted.

Correct Communication of Extent and Scope: IAC Certification confers benefit onto the Education Institute and its programme, as entities, but does not entitle the individual members, employees, or associates of that Institute, to any IAC benefits – unless separately agreed and arranged.

Sanction for Inappropriate use: Any misrepresentation of the extent or nature of IAC Certification will be considered as grounds for withdrawal or removal of certification and membership by IAC.

Reporting: If you believe that an individual or group are misusing an IAC Certificate, or making false or misleading claims regarding their association with IAC, please email (supplying details): ceo@iac-irtac.org

Thank You