2017 - IAC Annual Conference

IAC Conference 2017 

We are greatly looking forward to the IAC Conference 2017, which will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina (April 20-23rd 2017). IAC and the Argentine Association for Counselling will co-host this event. 

Please see all details on the conference website:  http://en.iacargentina2017.aacounselors.org.ar/

Proposals: The process for submitting proposals can be seen here: http://en.iacargentina2017.aacounselors.org.ar/proposals/


  • International Participants: IAC is handling all conference registrations for International (outside-Argentina) attendees. Click here to register.
  • Argentinian Participants Only: AAC is handling all conference bookings and payment by Argentinian attendees. Visit http://en.iacargentina2017.aacounselors.org.ar/ to register.

Conference Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHOuBPXkRlc&feature=youtu.be


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