IAC Membership Categories - A Range of Membership Possibilities

IAC Membership: The vision of IAC is “A world where counselling is available to all”. Counselling can and should be offered more widely; it can improve people’s lives and can make a significant contribution to alleviating world difficulties. Here are some other reasons to join:


  • You are joining a Movement – counselling changes lives for the better and reduces suffering. Our humanitarian movement advocates for more access to counselling.
  • IAC has consultative status with International organisations (e.g. UN Agencies such as UNESCO and the ILO) and represents the voice of counselling at the international decision making level.
  • IAC seeks to work with International NGOs that send people to the world’s problem areas (e.g. to help in the aftermath of terror and refugee catastrophes), in order to increase the role and contribution of counselling.
  • IAC lobbies and influences governments and other International organisations to have counselling better recognised as a profession.
  • In some countries there is no counselling at all. IAC can help to establish counselling structures, (e.g. National Associations or education courses) in those countries.
  • IAC is working to advance the counselling movement worldwide and can do with your help.
  • IAC provides unique access to a community of counsellors, educators, and researchers with an interest of counselling around the world. Our meetings provide members with opportunities to develop themselves personally and professionally. We share a newsletter, active international research groups, notices of international meetings, and affiliations with many Intergovernmental and United Nations organisations, including UNESCO, the World Health Organisation and the International Labour Organisation. Although these benefits are valuable, many members note the greatest resources of IAC is its people and the international relationships fostered through its meetings and notices. Sustaining IAC, its meetings, networks and newsletters require funds as well as a great deal of professional involvement. We ask you, as a member of the international counselling community, to support IAC through maintaining your membership.

IAC Membership Categories:

IAC Professional Member -$110 (USD): Includes IAC Quarterly Journal. IAC Professional Membership is a category available to practising counsellors and counsellor educators who are recognised as such in their own country/region. This category contains a wide array of Member Benefits
Education Institute Membership
- $235 (USD): Includes one IAC Professional Membership.
AC Education Institute Membership is a membership category available to education organisations including Universities, Colleges, Academies and Education Institutes. The annual membership fee includes one IAC Professional Membership for the person nominated by the Education Institute and a wide range of benefits for education institutes.

Counselling Association/Organisation Membership - $235 (USD): Includes one IAC Professional Membership. IAC Counselling Association/Organisation Membership is a membership category available to National and Regional counselling associations and other counselling, psychotherapy, guidance, psychological, and allied mental health organisations. The annual membership fee includes one IAC Professional Membership for the person nominated by your Counselling Association/Organisation and access to multiple membership benefits.

Counselling Service Membership - $165 (USD). Includes one IAC Professional MembershipIAC Counselling Service Membership is category open to: Group Practices, University and College Counselling Services, Counselling Agencies (State and Local), and Counselling Helplines.The annual membership fee includes one IAC Professional Membership for the person nominated by the counselling service, as well as access to multiple membership benefits.

IAC Student Member - Includes Journal - $65 (USD). IAC Student Membership includes access to all member benefits at a reduced rate. It is a category available to all students of counselling, psychotherapy, counselling psychology, guidance, school counselling and kindred professions. See benefits of membership here

IAC General Member – $25 (USD) - Also suitable for students – Journal not included.  The IAC General Member category is a low-cost membership category available to all who are interested in the development of counselling, including counselling students, affiliate and pre-accredited members of national associations, mental health professionals, educators, and people that use counselling skills in their work such as social workers and nurses. See the extensive list of member benefits

IAC Retired Member: Includes Journal - $65 (USD). IAC Retired Membership is a category that includes access to all member benefits at a reduced dues rate. It is available to all retired counsellors, psychotherapists, counselling psychologists, and school and guidance counsellors. See the benefits here

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