International Research Round Table

Welcome to the IAC Research Round-Table

Purpose: The purpose of the IAC Research Roundtable is to advance counselling research on an international basis. The Research Roundtable is a forum for providing culturally relevant research that offers evidence of the value-added of counselling as a process for promoting human wellbeing.

Research Initiatives (2019) -- An IAC Research Roundtable Collaboration Opportunity

Are you interested in taking part in an international research project?  Prior to the CCPA/IAC 2019 Conference in Moncton New Brunswick, Canada, the IAC Research Roundtable reached out to associations and colleagues. A first online meeting was held on Thursday December 13, 2018, to start generating topics and connections. It was followed with a second online meeting (using the online GotoMeeting video-conference platform) called the 'IAC Research Cafe Meeting' which took place on Tue, Feb 12, 2019. At that meeting attendees were assisted in developing ideas and connections to other researchers. A face to face meeting took place at the 2019 CCPA/IAC conference in Moncton, Canada in May 2019. Ideas generated so far include:

  • A Coggle Mindmap of research ideas generated during the two video-conferences and the face to face meeting at the 2019 CCPA/IAC Conference in Moncton in May 2019

  • The topics displayed on this Concept Map (December 2018)

  • International Mapping and Advocacy of Career Counselling

  • Displaced People and Trauma

  • International Mapping and Advocacy of Clinical Supervision

Now that the conference is over, IAC will assist in continuing to meet by identifying "point people" to help you keep on track. An IAC Research and Education Committee is also planned as part of the follow-up and details of that will be shared in the near future. The next step will involve generating research questions and forming research teams based on interests. 

Thank You - Dr. Blythe Shepard -


Roundtable Activities:

  •         Seek research funding for collaborative international counselling research initiatives
  •         Connect academics involved in international counselling-related research through an international counselling research network
  •         Facilitate research working groups at IAC conferences
  •         Maintain a research section on the IAC website
  •         Organize international counselling research forums in collaboration with national counselling associations